A Case for Real Estate Investment

Poised for Growth
Hunter Residential Developments sets its home prices moderately so there is room for potential equity growth either for the owner-occupant, or investor landlords who choose one or more townhomes as part of a real estate investment strategy.

How does a Hunter Residential Developments property increase in value?
Location, Location, Location:

An address near a long list of amenities like shopping, gyms, healthcare, schools – factors known to boost property values long-term. Plus our building sites are handy to employment and transportation corridors. Take confidence that choice locations mean better returns. Let the facts speak for themselves. See our past projects investment performance.

Lasts for the long haul:
Tasteful and on-trend materials are also long- lasting. They stand the test of time for fashion and function, and hold up to the wear and tear a renter might dish out, and stay new-looking longer. Beyond basic builder grade, don’t worry about replacing flooring, and other expensive fixups.

Attracts top dollar:
Top taste evokes of pride of ownership, an attracts a calibre of residents who will pay for a higher quality property.

Choice tenants:
What apartments lack, your property will offer more and get positive attention from the right people: At lease renewal time, potentially a pick of renters will be eager to get features such as garage parking, storage, window light, and a double-master-bedroom plan that lets two roommates split rent and enjoy dignified and grownup sized accommodations.

Lower cost to maintain:
Worried about neighbourhood complaints about a dandelion eyesore? There’s no yardwork, plus maintenance of some of the costliest elements of a home on the exterior are all covered by condo fees. And, unlike apartments, your fees aren’t squandered into repairing elevators or maintaining wasted square footage in interior hallways.

Positive cash flow:
For those who wish to buy and hold versus speculate on a quick flip, choose for yourself whether an investment makes sense, and you see the potential for a rental income that covers the cost of your loan with these example worksheets.

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Investor Payments from $989 monthly

  • Latitude51 home price example


  • 20% down payment*


  • Loan


  • Rate


  • Amortization**

    25 years

  • Monthly payment


  • Probable monthly income

    $1200 -$1,600

*20% downpayment required if unit is not owner-occupied.
** longer amortization periods upon approval
See Latitude51


Investor Payments from $842.

  • Rushes home price example


  • 20% downpayment*


  • Loan


  • Rate


  • Amortization

    25 years

  • Monthly payment


  • Probable monthly income

    $1200 -$1600

*20% downpayment required if unit is not owner-occupied.
**longer amortaization periods upon approval

“Buy land, they're not making it anymore.” 

-Mark Twain

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“The value for the dollar is very hard to compete with – the finish we received for the dollar. I couldn’t find anything that was close that would give me a similar return.”

-Richard Rahbani, Resident of Rushes of Southfork

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“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth.”

-Robert Kiyosaki, Author Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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“The number one indicator I look for is not market value but positive cash flow.”

-Scott McGillivray, Author and HGTV host

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